i ******* HATE my dad he's an ******* wh is a cheap bastard and abusive in every way you can think of. he doesn't even act like a dad and has never told me he loved me or given me any type f confirmation if he cares weather I'm dead or alive i can't wait until the day he dies and honestly hope its tomorrow so i can spit on his grave and pout him in the dirt where he belongs. he constantly threatens to kick me out of the house and take my car he thinks he's so religious when i know theres a special place in hell for him. he's always making ******* annoying comments. i could go on and on about how much i hate him but in my head the only things keeping me going are that eventually ill move out and eventually he will die.
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Dam calm down

No you shut the **** up bro. You calm down.you dont how it feels to be her

**** u to *******

The only ******* is you.

Thanks I like ********

That's y I like u

All I said to her was to clam down getting upset will get you sick

HAHAHAHA u like ********. That's nasty HAHAHAHA

If u had I brain only if

Of course I like them I'm gay

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