I really hate my dad, he never pay for my school, he never care about me, he never care about my mom, he such a jerk.
all that he can do is spending my mom money to buy clothes and all that he wants. he never care that money could be used for my school. he always yell at me even in front of my friend, I'm 18 right now I now which one is good or bad, I now how to take care of myself. I didn't need him to yell and humiliate me, all he can do is yell and yell even with my mom.
all that he care is money and power, he such an arrogant jerk. I really hope he died, sometimes I imagine to kill him and make it look like a suicide. I'm really sorry for my mom, she always work hard for the family especially for me.
what he really cares for is my mom money, when my mom in the hospital he always yell at her and didn't want to take care of her. I'm the only one taking care of her and its a week before my national exam, so you can think what happened to me. the consequences I can't aces my national exam and its pretty horrible after all hard work I did and its all ruined just because that son of a ***** didn't want to take care my mom.
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My father is just like ur father,.....he left house before 6 month