Can T He Just Die


He always blame us of anything wrong happened , he is a control bad person. He think he is genius and he know every thing better then everyone and that we are less than him in every thing and all what we do or say is wrong and we have to do what he say and don t think of nothing . We can t do any thing without take his permission. And if we do any thing wrong he punish us by don t talk to us at all and he can stay do it that for years and years and don t share us in any thing even food . he cook only for himself and eat alone . we can t move out or leave the house because my mother  think of what the people going to say  , although  the way he treated her . most of the people we know,  don t know that he like that , think him that he is the perfect father. I fell so sad and angry inside because of him , he make me want to die . I hate all the men because of him .          I didn't  tell anyone this before even my best friend. He make all my life bad , sad , dark , lonely , ………..  I work in very good job , have my own car and money , people love me and think that I am cute and funny and want to live my life. But they don t know how sad I am inside. I have to see him every day and I can t stand that.    
nenanada nenanada
1 Response Mar 5, 2009

**** my dad is a he hates me wen he rages he will yellFUCK OFF LIL BEOTCH im ahem 11 at scool im have a teacher that hates kids<br />
the only place im safe is tae kwon do were if any1 <br />
try to hurt me hes in deeeeep ****<br />
oh and my dad hits me a lot