He has no idea what he's doing. I went to search on google for hockey start date and when I typed the H these were the suggestions from the historySome of this stuff is weird like the sex talk and the hammerhead sharks and my brothers search of himself. but seriously who searches for heroin use in teenagers? me and my 15 year old brothers arent using heroin. he doesnt trust us at all. how does he not know how to ask his daughter about eating disorders and stuff he should know that he has been a dad for a while now. he isnt even my real dad because my real dad left when I was a baby but I call him dad because i hate my real dad more
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There's nothing wrong with your father. He's concerned about you. Geez, you should actually be thankful and quit complaining about his consideration for your wellbeing.

You should also understand that things are different today than they have ever been for teenagers. There was a point in time when my mom thought I was doing marijuana; I have never done a single drug, had a single drink, or smoked a single cigarette IN MY LIFE, but she thought that my up-and-down days were a sign of drug use (before I was diagnosed with manic depression) since she has never dealt with that kind of thing before. Maybe it's the way you're acting, and he's getting concerned. Try a little patience and understanding. Try talking to him and clearing things up.

be thankful he even bothers to educate himself about subjects , it does not mean he is accusing you or your brother.

None of those things are easy to talk about, especially for a stepdad. You really don't see why asking you if you have an eating disorder could possibly be difficult, or awkward, or potentially cause problems in your relationship? You don't see why he might want to be prepared, or to hear how other dads dealt with that problem, so he can avoid anything they did wrong?

Hammerheads aren't easy to talk about?

LOL, neither are Happy Wheels... XD

It could be to somebody who doesn't have a computer.