I am back living with my dad after spending two years from him. I hate that I'm back living with him.he is such an *******. I can't sleep right now becuz all I could think about was the ******* and me having problems soon.
I wish I was dead so I do not have to deal with this.

When I was away from him I should have tried harder to get a job and now I have no one to blame but myself.
Just the thought of living with my dad again is so upsetting. I mean a daughter shouldn't have this feeling about her father. But he's an ******* and always will be. My mom wouldn't agree though and I got tired of she too.
Is there a purpose for me here.

I really don't see a.future for me. I see myself probably in jail(never been & don't want to) or with a boyfriend who is bad influence( never had one of those either).

I hope I just die though so I can't deal with the BS
Hannarose Hannarose
26-30, F
Aug 27, 2014