I really hate my dad, he's an alcoholic and was never here as i was growing up. He also cheated on my mum 3 years ago and then left, then last year tried getting custody of me and my younger sister because my mum is 'unfit' to have us. He got my sister but i could stay with my mum because i was older but she was only there for 3 months before they got into a physical fight and she ran away. Now whenever we see him he will talk to my sister but act like i dont exist... i dont understand it but it's all my fault, right? somehow thats what he thinks but oh well, i guess i've gotten used to not having a dad.
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It's not your fault

pretty twisted...

your dad's a jerk and you're not worthless. become a great person, study hard, graduate and have a decent life and I'm telling you in a few years time your SOB dad will come crawling to you. Revenge is sweet mwahahahahahaha!

lol thats a really good way of thinking about it :p thanks