SEXIST Bastard

Sometimes I think My father is mentally ill. All of a sudden he just became some really mean guy. the thing I hate most is his double standards. My dad sits at home and lets everyone wait on him hand and foot. He doesn't want to take responsibility for anything bad that my brothers or uncles do. but when it comes to women He'll be the first to reprimand you.

i remember when i was younger and my mum was working in another city so she sent her cousin to look after me and my older sister. My dad's brother at the time had just finished college and was living with as too. He was wierd and he did drugs , but my dad never talked to him about it. one day my uncle got so high he started beating the **** out of my aunt ( my mums cousin). I remember their was soo much blood it looked like the carpet was red. my uncle kept pushing her and whipping her with a dog chain and all she could do was scream. I tried to help her but my demented uncle told me if I took one more step near her . . I'd be as good as dead. I waited for what seemed like hours for my dad. When he came My older sister and I, told him what had happened. He looked at us, told us He was tired . . . and he went to bed! When my mum had this she was mad but couldn't do anything. My dad just let his brother beat up a woman  . . .

If that isn't psycho i don't know what is.

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I've always had tons of respect for my dad. He has like all kinds of degrees (commerce, masters in engineering, PhD in commerce, taught as a professor for over 25 years), is a genius, kind, loving, and a total professional. He is very soft-spoken and kind.<br />
I hate that he is also sexist.<br />
For example, tonight we were watching the movie "Unstoppable" and it was during this stupid, fleeting part where a woman newsanchor said "the train 777, also known as triple seven..." and our male guest started laughing at the stupidity of this remark. Once he repeated it to my brother and dad, who were also watching, my brother laughed just to be polite, but my dad found it amusing and said, "that was a woman that said that." implying that only a woman newsanchor would say something that dumb.<br />
Also, one time my dad was arguing with my mom in front of me, trying to convince me that all feminists were horrible and these totally sexist females that had completely wrong ideals.<br />
Also, one time he told me that I couldn't become an engineer because men wouldn't allow women to work in "their" field/a "man-dominated" field. A few years later though, he encouraged me to try engineering because he knew a woman engineer.<br />
I love him to bits. He really is an incredible human being..he is old, and he grew up as a child in WWII in Germany and had a terrible, poor life. He has worked SO hard for my mom and my brother and I.<br />
<br />
And then theres my stepdad. All I want to sum it up as is, his nickname for my mom was tubby. As in fat. He was a sexist *******. My mom is not even fat; she has a pretty hot body!! My mom worked 20 times as hard as him, for her career as well as at home; and what does he do, but refuse to help her with the simplest household chores, and slap her *** in front of all of us kids. So i ******* hate him, thank god they are getting divored.<br />
<br />
My mom has been through SO much **** with men. She has worked so incredibly hard, raising my brother and I alone and then commuting to university for 4 years to become a technology and computer teacher, with which she has had to continually take on ridiculously hard jobs where she has to teach herself a computer program (e.g. Java, Dreamweaver, etc) as well as deal with autistic children etc. and prepare her own lessons, she has worked an average of about 13 hours per day for the last eight years and only gets paid for 6 hours before tax. She is the most dedicated and strong person I know. My dad has worked so hard as well but my mom always had a worse income.<br />
One day women and men will be equal. In my mind they are, because discrimination stems from separating groups. Imagine all people as one colour and race: so what if most blond people happen to be paid less, it is just chance in that case.<br />
<br />
Good luck to me as a nineteen year old girl, and to all other women out there, as well as all people of non-white race, as well as all white males because everyone deserves equal chance. Peace, hopefully!

I have a dad similar to that; whenever i get in trouble for wanting to study and put my chores for the weekend he goes totally ballistic and alwatys says something sexist. It's upsetting to find out your own dad is sexist.


wow i'm sorry that is probably one of the most messed up things i have ever hurd..<br />
<br />
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