The Dad.. "Who Cares"

             My story starts off like most with a split family or a dad that walked out, when I was 2 years old my dad and my mom divorced. after that i was living with my mom. during the time of living with my mom i was fed a bunch of information on how bad of a guy my dad was. during the same time my dad decided to defend himself by saying similar stuff about my mom, because of me being young and stupid telling him everything my mom said about him. at this time my dad was the fun parent, he'd shower me with gifts and nice things and i would spend all my breaks from school over there, my moms was boring and dull she was a very scheduled lady and she was constantly gone for her college degree while my step father was a trucker. it wasn't always like that though, i was once very happy at my mom's while my dad pushed me and pushed from the age of 5 to come live with him, even though my mom obviously wouldn't have it.  my mom slowly moved further and further for my dad making it harder to spend time with him. he pointed this out to me and made me believe that she was trying to rip me away from him ( now i don't doubt she was and i don't blame her for it). finally she moved to the point where she was far enough in the same state that i had to take a plane ride back in forth to my dad's while i was in the third grade. then in about the fifth or sixth grade i went over to my dad's one summer and was having so much fun and listening to so much about how i need to move over with my dad and how awful of a person my mom is that i called and told my mom i wanted to live with him, she obviously said no.

             The fight was on, for the next two or three years i would fight to live with my dad. i would go through big bi-polar mood swings, experiment with drinking marijuana and acid not to mention think about committing suicide many times. i decided that i had to take matters in to my own hands. I let my mom think that my fight to come live with my dad was over until one day after being grounded for two weeks i ran and tried to go across state to my dad's and go to him. secretly me and my dad had talked about this before and the plan was for him to come pick me up near my mom's. i was caught and my friends mom told me that the police were after me, i was in 6Th grade, i was scared, i went back home. then in the 8Th grade summer my mom told me she was moving to Missouri (a long, LONG ways from where we lived at the time) i said fine then i am moving in with my dad, she said OK.

              I have been living with my dad for a year now and things were fine last year. i quit my bad habits, i joined a select baseball team, i was doing better in school and my home life was fine.

New Life Goes south...

I decided one day that i couldn't be apart from my mom, i was 13 and i felt i still needed the women i had been around all my life. your thinking OK? this kid trys to get away from her for three years, accomplishes it and trys to come back not even a year later?.... Yeah pretty much.. and i will admit that is not normal. then when my dad beat me and then after words talked me back in to wanting to stay i did. well my freshman year has not been great, i got in to some bad legal trouble that got a restraining order on me so i had to leave me school (not guilty believe if you want to) and my dad did not take it well. My dad and my step mother also have a bad habit of putting me in charge of my step brother leaving after they make us some ****** dinner and coming back at 3 in the morning fighting and screaming. my little brother would cry over it almost every day. but when he mentioned it to my dad he would get  a spanking and sent to bed. i remember one day my dad was mad at his life for no reason and he said i was a screw up since i had bad grades (no ones grades are gonna be great after the legal and home trouble I've been going through) on this day he picked me up from the airport after visiting my mom's and told me i was a loser, that i would never amount to anything and that he hated having to wake up that morning to pick up his waist of skin son. then when i burst in to tears trying not to let him notice he gave me a black eye smacked me repeatedly and called me a little ***** for crying, (maybe I am?). back to them going out every night... this is the most recent trouble i have gotten in with my dad. one night they left, my baby brother was crying and i had enough, i invited over some friends and tried to party away the pain with a little vodka... I got caught... so now my life with my dad is even worse, he constantly reminds me how stupid and worthless i am and he doesn't let me have a life, which you know i understand i did a bad thing and i should be grounded. but really i made no loss i all ready didn't have a life because of them being gone every night i couldn't have a life. the only thing he didn't do was pull me off my baseball team and i don't know why he didn't, he says a retard like me needs something constructive in there life.  tonight he told me that if i got all of my chores done before five o-clock he would let me go to baseball practice for the first time in a while i got all my chores done then called my step mom and told her that i was unable to do ALL my homework because it was make up work that i was gone for and didn't understand so i would stay during study hall with my teacher and get it done, but i did what i was assigned today. She said OK you did a good job today you may go to practice. then my dad called and said no i couldn't because i gave them a bullshit excuse and if I'm to stupid for the work i can't go to practice. i cam down stairs to do my work, still don't understand (it's math) and so i googled i hate my dad...clicked on the the first thing that popped up... joined and wrote this.... but my whole life I've been thinking.. do i really have a problem with my dad or am i just a loser who needs to gain control? comment me and tell me what you think.

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