Love Or Money, Which One Do You Prefer?

Hello world.  I will not use real names or try not to get too personal.  I have a story about my dad and family I have to tell about hating my father with a passion.  A little about my dad.  He owns his own business, has two brothers, and grew up in what sounded like a loving normal home.  He got married when he was about my age, 22-23 or so and had my sister at that time.  and then had me when my dad was 25.  He is 49 now.   Still married to my mom about 26-27 years, which is another story to tell but no time now.  My mom is 47, kinda lazy, and seems like hates her life for some reason only she knows.  Ya know how they say you shouldn't let your kids see you cry ever because it shows your hurt and weak, it's kinda like that, she shows her scares of her marriage and I see them.  You just know those things as a child.  My dad all he talks about and feels is money.  It's so bad, he watches that show Mad Money every night and watches the stock market every day.  Now I know it's March 2009 and the economy sucks, but he has done this since he was Vice President at his work back in the late 80's.  He's so selfish too.  I am 23 today and my sister is 26, still yet for him to teach me a thing something except how I do not want to live my life.  As far as I and us as a family know, he's not a drug attic or an alcoholic.  My uncle, the middle brother, is indeed a serious alcoholic and at holiday parties and what not they like to keep in touch with who's drinking the most alcohol though.  He's about 51 or so.  His other brother is a serious drug attic, been to jail so many times since high school and he's in his early 50's like 53 or so and my uncle is just trying to recover now.  My dad has no patients and told me he's the only man he hates in his life.  When I'm around my dad I sometimes get nervous still because everything I say or ask him, he takes it to an extreme technical issue, beyond repair.  I've asked him once for kick and giggles if he would eat seafood for the rest of his life and told me I wouldn't eat just one thing the rest of my life.  I work for him and see him at work and I still live at home because I have no place to go.  I have no money to get out or have any other normal family to live with.  Not many friends because my dad thinks and feels I need more responsibility than to live my life.  Like for example, I love to play video games or surf the internet, he believes it's a waste of my life and need to find a better way to value my time when I enjoy it.  He didn't say that to my face either if that says anything.  He yells at me when on how I spend my money.  Like I had to get a different fender on my truck and he told me it's wortheless to do that to a truck not even worth 1,000 and it's all I have.  When I see him and my mom watching T.V. every night or surfing the internet on his laptop, even on Friday and Saturday nights.  He likes to shower me with gifts like new T.V. or new computer, or whatever instead of spending father son time.  I can not remember the last time we did something we both enjoyed together. When it comes to his birthday, we all as a family have to buy him a gift or he will kick someone's butt.  I bought him stuff he doesn't care about.  Like a Harley Davidson coin pig thing just put in his closet to collect dust and owns a Harley and loves all that stuff.  They rarely go out except to eat out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Every time I go downstairs for something, they sit every weekend, every week night on their laptops.  I still have to hide my life away from him because he treats me like he owns and controls me.  I still have to sneak out and I'm 23 and have such a little life.  If I go out on a normal day or night, they still treat me like I'm in high school and get asked 20 questions about my night.  Like now I and seeing someone, which we are in love ;), and it works out thought because we hang out after dark and she's older than me.  Just imagine what they will think or feel about me when they find out about that.  To be honest, I do not care if they found out about that.  it's my life, not theirs.  They know I am not influences by drugs and alcohol.  I drink may be 10 drinks a year give er take here and there.  He talks behind my back and says stuff that makes me want to cry and feel like a huge mistake or accident baby.  I quit college last year because it's not for me and I'm worried that when he finds out, he's going to tell me I'm worthless or something and kick me out.  I just recently picked up bass guitar lessons and just waiting for the day to come for him to tell me it's a worthless hobby.  He's anal about how his house looks and makes my mom do 80-90 percent of the house work and cooking.  My mom hates cooking so she cooks may be 40 percent of the time of the year if I'm lucky.  My parents eat out more often than you're normal family would ever be.  They sit around for and hour or two to decide where they want to go when you could have cook a meal in that time.  But other than that, I can not think of much what else to say.  I know I could write forever about this and probably still write when I die.  But thanks for reading. 

HatesHisDad85 HatesHisDad85
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Do people think this story is just a complaint or a way of venting? I do not know what to do anymore with myself and family.