I Wish He Would Die, At Least I Didnt Have to Think About Him

My dad spends all day on "Second Life" with he's dumbass american girlfriend who's cheating on her other husband who is admittedly an ******* but that's not the point she wont even move out of he's house and they are on second life 23 hours a day except the 7 hours a week he has to sleep, I wish he would just die so i wouldnt have to think about him being alive and because IT is alive it makes it worse he doesnt spend time with me, he promises to do all these things but god knows he doesnt do them, i'm 14 but it wouldnt let me register as that.

I hope he reads this because he knows it's him.
Naranek Naranek
18-21, M
Aug 19, 2007