I Work Hard Just So He Can Not Give Me a Simple Pat On the Back

I've been swimming since I was 6 and now people tell me I'm a pretty good swimmer. My high school team has won states twice since and I've contributed to the win. I'm also an MVP in our conference. I swim on 2 other teams besides high school, but that's not the point. Not once has he come to a meet. He's had 10 years worth of chances and he doesn't come. I'm going to be a senior next year and that might be his last chance. I think that he believes swimming is not a sport. He believes in basketball, football, and baseball. Those were sport my brothers played. I played basketball my freshman year and he came to more than half of my games. I envy my friends with dads that live to watch their kids swim and they're so into it. Also when I showed him my MVP trophy, he brushed it off like it was nothing. He threw it in the back seat of the wall. I'll pray that he will come to see me swim very soon and maybe then i will gain his approval. I also swim 2 hours every day. He loathes having to take me to practice. When I say i'm not going, He rejoices. If I do not have a ride to practice on sat. mornings he will not take me. He's never watched any of my practices either. No matter what I will keep on swimming and loving it.

cici260 cici260
Mar 22, 2009