I Want My Parents to Split Up

After i came back from my grandmas my mum and dad were fighting again. My dad usually starts it, he has got violent before with my mum. I don't no what its like to have a dad who takes you places, spends time with you and is there on your birthday! My mums got a friend called Gary, he owns an Aston martin and a Lamborghini galardo spider, he took my ' car mad ' brother for a spin to Newbury. Gary fancies my mum a bit but he would never try anything on unless she wasn't married. That night my dad was getting really jealous and asking my mum all these questions, he reads her texts and looks at her call register to see who she has been talking to.

My dad has put us in £80,000 worth of debt and he goes down to ladbrokes and gambles all his money away, my mum said if he goes down there again she's kicking him out. I hope she means it this time, I really wish my dad would move out and Gary could be my new dad. He shouts and hits me all the time for no reason and i want him gone!

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2 Responses Aug 21, 2007

I know, My dad isint physical with me, but he is mentally, he never lets me dress up, hew doesnt like the way I look, and is always telling me that i am spoiled and I dont deserve anything, My parents have already been divorced, but they are back together now, and I just want him outta here!

If your father hits you, you must tell someone you can trust such as a teacher, lawyer, clergyman etc. Nobody has to live through that. Teachers are trained to know exactly what to do in these situations.