I Bloody Abhor My Dad

i hate my dad. Yes, my damn own biological father. i wished he was dead. i'm now at a point where i yearn to see my dad's dead body laying in front of my eyes!i hope that day will come rushing to me. he's the worst human being u can ever meet alive. really!! i'm not allowed to even live my own life just because of him!! i'm not allowed to hang out with my friends, wear the clothes i like, style my hair, buy stuffs..huh...gooooooddddd....just today he scolded me on the way to college...he called me names, like bimbo, ****, he even said i'm his maid, i have to do the do the house keeping and stuff like that. my mom doesnt do anything at home. not even wash her own clothes. i wanna be somebody in life. i'm a human too, doesnt my dad realize that??? he told me that he want to humiliate me in front of my mates in college. he wants to meet my course coordinator and tell him stuffs just because i fail 2 papers. how am i to concentrate on my studies when my dad bugs me 24/7. he doesnt even spare me during my exams. i've got nobody to talk about my problem. if i tell to my mom, she'll tell it to my dad and he'll scold me. really a fuckhole life i have! sometimes i feel like running away from home. but where will i go then..when i was 17, i had a guy friend who was 25y.o. we talked on phone  few times until my dad got to know about it, he said i need sumbody to **** me, i'm a ***** and he even made me touch his private part. i couldnt do anything but cried. i told my mom bout it and guess what my mom said, she said he's ur dad and he loves u, he doesnt want u to talk to people u dont know..okay, thats acceptable but touching his private part???? now he's telling me that if i dont graduate, he'll marry me with some old man and nobody can stop him from doing that not even me....i really really hate him a lot.

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3 Responses Mar 25, 2009

Be strong. Don't give up.

You're right; too far. I can relate. I developed early and had a sexy body by the time I was 13. I remember wanting to wear short skirts like other girls but my parents gave me sooooo much grief, calling it my "easy access" outfit. My dad would call me names in anger when I'd finally get tired of hearing it and swore back. It's not my fault I had long legs. They always assumed the worst of me but, I was one of the few girls who didn't have sex in high school; it wasn't even on my mind. Hell, my first kiss was even stolen from me. You can't teach presumptuous people how to see the truth, or how to be decent people---even when they're your parents.

I couldn't agree more with what you just wrote!

I feel ya