My Dad the Donor...

***This is really a true story-- I promise I do not have an imagination good enough to make this up!!!***

I am now 30, and as a result of years of dealing with my "dad", I feel that I will spend the rest of my life trying to get healed and back on track financially. I have not had any dealings with him in over a month, and I am slowly coming to terms with all of the years of intense violence and how I fell through the cracks as both a child and an adult. Social workers, counselors and police did nothing to help. The police actually told me that I deserved this (when he broke in and stole all of my furniture) and said that if I would treat him better I would not think I was being abused. The officer said that I should be ashamed of myself because the car I gave my dad is junk (it was perfect when I gave it to dad) that my dad deserves a better car and I am selfish! My dad is a mooch and he thinks the world owes him. He don't pay taxes and when garnished he says the IRS owes him. He don't believe in car insurance or auto registration. Everytime I move, he follows me and breaks in and demands money and if I don't give it to him he says that my mom is "turning in her grave because I turned out to be so selfish". He refused to let my mom go to the doctor for chest pains and when she had a heart attack, he forbid me from calling 911, but I did anyway. She was in a coma and died a week later. Then my dad filed lawsuits against the fire department and the mayor (who was the husband of my mom's best friend and the father of my best friend at school) and said they caused my mom's death. Of course, he lost the case and then moved us out in the middle of nowhere, with no food or running water.  And he was never there because he was stalking women from a widow/widower support group that he started going to a few weeks after mom died. He actually had me use the yellow pages grid map to locate these  women's houses. He was asked to leave that group eventually, and now he bad mouths the group saying they are no-good. Everyone else always had the problem-- not him!! He has dual standards-- when he rolls in to MY HOME at 4 am (after spending my siblings social security survivors benefits on other women) I am supposed to be awake with food and coffee ready for the king!!! But when it is two in the afternoon on a Saturday, and I am cleaning, I am rude because he wants to sleep and I am disturbing him.

This guy is ruthless!! He lost the home I grew up in because he was sued for various things that he did which caused injury to others. So THREE years later, he was still going to this house on social security day to get his check out of the mailbox. When the new resident came out and ask what he was doing in her mailbox, he cussed her out and told her it was HIS mailbox and he could get in it whenever he wants! Also, he took every flower out of the cemetary and put them in the bed of his truck-- five years later he puts these same flowers on my mom's grave. And he dated this drunk crazy lady who assualted me at the grocery store (she was bi-polar and off her meds). My dad took me to the hospital in my car and they stitched my head up (32 stitches) and my dad was nowhere to be found when I was released. Here, he dropped me off and went back to her place! I had to take a cab home and wait til he brought my car back (My car was on empty, of course and I had to call AAA to bring me gas)! Then he accompanied this woman to court (she ended up arrested because she went at me in the courtroom when I was testifying). Eight months later, he was STILL talking to her on the cell phone I was providing for him (I had told him NOT to call her because I was getting $600 phone bills every month). So I disconnected the phone and kicked him out, and he still (Seven years later) says I caused him to go out of business when I turned off his phone. (And he still talks to this criminal woman when she calls from jail)

I have moved all over the United States and he follows me. He has outlined detailed plans on how and when he is going to kill me and even what he is going to do with my body. (The date has since passed, so I guess I'm in the clear) I cannot get any help because he is not an "intimate partner". I am getting ready to change my name and social security number and have cut off all contact with anyone who might talk to him, even if they were previously on my side. I am currently nine hours away from him and no one has any idea where I am. I have changed cell phone carriers and all mail goes to a PO Box. I just pray he finds someone else to sponge off of. I also pray that he learns how to read-- he quit school in the third grade and don't even know how to spell "Dad".

The day my mom died was the worst day of my life-- but the death of this abusive ***** donor will be a taste of heaven for me!!!

Thanks for reading this-- I have basically held all of this in for years and I guess this is good practice for my upcoming counseling appointment! Please let me know what you think of this story (which is a very condensed version) and if anyone has any words of encouragement or wisdom, please pass those along too. I have not yet been able to get my cat to speak back words of encouragent! :)


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Thanks for your comment-- I have spent many years trying to get away from him for life-- I hope that this time it is for good and that I am far away enough to be safe. Surely, I will eventually have a successful escape :)<br />
Thanks! :)