Is It Me???

my brother and my sister moved out of the house so NOW it's me my mom and my dad. my mom is the sweetest most lovely person on earth, she has the biggest heart ever and my dad is so ******* rude and annoying and he treats her with disrespect in private and in public and he's always yelling at her and no matter what he does wrong it's my mom's fault somehow even if she weren't present. he's such an *******, he treats her like crap and this situation ****** me off to the maximum. he treats me well to stay on his side but i don't give a **** if he's nice to me but rude to my mother, i just hate him and i wish that my mom doesn't die or at least doesn't die first because i can't live with that man alone, he brings the worse out of me. every time i look at my mother she has teary eyes because of him and she deserves the best.... so this is it. this is how i feel, sometimes i get angry at myself for feeling like this but i can't help i love my mom too much and i don't wanna see her get humiliated every ******* day.

PS: i am sorry for my language but I'm just so angry. excuse me really.

nana88 nana88
1 Response Mar 26, 2009

I feel so bad for you, I know exactly how you feel because my dad is the same. My mother is the loveliest person on earth, she deserves a medal for putting up with the b***s*** he gives her almost every day. I hope as you get older things will get easier. Things got better for me when I left home.