He Never Understands

Currently, I am 15 and in grade 10. Ever since I was young...I never got along with my dad. There would be few times when we would both be happy. Since the recent years, it all got worse. My dad is very unreasonable. If I asked him a question from homework, he would (almost) always say something like "Why don't you understand this? Fourth graders can do this!" So i learned not to ask him any more questions from then on. Sometimes, when we disagree, he would start screaming and yelling at me just because he disagrees with my opinion. When I tell him "You never understand how it is, so why should I tell you?", he threatens to slap me. I don't think I said anything wrong, right?

At home, he would be what some people call 'a burden'. He barely does any housework in the home and loses his temper really easily. If someone told him that he didn't do the dishes the other night, he would just start yelling and talk about all the things he's done for the family. I don't think this is very reasonable, do you? He uses violence very often, as well as swearing in the house. Because of him, my mom has been influenced to hit and swear as well. My mom had been a very gentle and reasonable person before. She still is, but most of it has faded away. He swears in the house everyday. Every. Single. Day. I'm used to it by now, but if a guest came into our house, they would be astonished.

I always loved badminton as well as other sports. I enjoy singing as well. Just like in grade 9, I asked him if I could join the school badminton team. He not only discouraged it, he said "You're not good at badminton." Shouldn't a parent encourage their child to do what they chase after? I felt crushed. The same thing happened again this year. For those of you that are in high school, you would know that there are physical education classes that you can choose. During course selection, I chose racquet sports (tennis, badminton, table tennis). When I asked him about the courses, he said that it was fine. But after bubble day (barely a month ago), he asked me if I could change the gym class to social studies or such. I asked why, and he said that I wasn't really good at sports, and it would only drag down my mark. When I discussed with him during course selection, I told him that I wanted to get more exercise because I wasn't normally that active. He said it was fine. Why did he say it was fine back then? Besides, I already took all the other courses that he wanted me to! Science...psychology...french... etc. What's the point of telling me that it was okay only to take it back later? It's like giving me an apple and snatching it back right before I take a bite.

Maybe today I'm more emotional than other days... but just now (a few minutes ago), I was doing my homework when he came into the room. I told him about this minor problem that I was having with the program (I was working on the computer). Then he starts yelling and screaming at how stupid I am and how slow I am with work. I explained again and again that the format isn't what the teacher wanted but he just kept saying it's easy to fix etc. Right now, he is out of the house. Right before he left, he said "Next time you talk back to me, I'll slap you." Is that how a parent is supposed to talk? No. I didn't think so.

So far, he has made me cry twice in 2 days. Once last night, and once 10 minutes ago. I really really hate my dad. He never understands my situations and my problems. His way of solving everything is to scream, yell, and swear.

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im 15, and just finished the 10th grade too...i understand what you're feeling, because my father is almost just like yours. he is very controlling and domineering, and just can't seem to support my decisions...he wants me to take physics as a subject, which I HATE, and says my fave subject literature is a waste of time. he says what are you gonna do with literature and history, in my day only the backbenchers studied that, ull be a burden on me for the rest of my life....is this even fair? my father swears, and breaks things, and even hits my mum and me. we live in constant terror of him. i cry every night i spend with him. all i think about is that day when ill finally be free of him, be successful and tell him to go to hell. it's not much, but i guess this pride and arrogance in myself is the only thing keeping me together. i hope u can believe in urself and get through this