Rare Emotions But Anger

Since I was about 7, I've seen my dad physically and verbally abuse my mom. Everything was great in the beginning and everyone seemed happy. It all started when he was demoted at his job, he got so angry that the first thing he did when he got home was yell at my mom. Ever since then things have only gotten worse. Everytime I'd cry becasue of it my mom would comfort me the best she could, but my dad would just tell me to "shut up and grow up." I don't know what to do, because when he wants to hug me or he wants me to be with him I get worried. I worry about my mom and everyone else, myself included. My mom and him have fought, A LOT, but she loves him way too much still to leave him. All of this has really gotten me to the point where I'm starting to hate and more, fear my dad. What do I do?  

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1 Response Sep 29, 2009

first, i just want to say that i'm truly sorry for what you're dealing with. i've been where you are right now in life. my father did the same when he first lost his job like 20 years ago. he started verbally and physically abusing my mom after that. the physical abuse stopped years ago, but the verbal crap comes up from time to time. i've tried everything with him - threats that i'll leave, threats that i'll call the cops, heck, threats that i'll kill myself, but nothing worked. i hope your dad isn't like mine. i hope that talking to him about this will help him change what he's doing. keep a good relationship with your mom during this. even though she's consoling you, she's probably dealing with a lot of stress and unhappiness at the same time. through all of this, i learned to get closer to God and to ask for His guidance. my dad hasn't changed, and i don't think he ever will, but that doesn't mean that my life needs to be ruined as a result. i really wish the best for you and your family, and i pray that things get better. God bless.