He Does Try, But He's Too Self Centered

I used to like my dad back in school, he was the coolest dad there was (or so i thought) i liked the fact that he used to buy me junk to eat from the shop, i liked the fact that at his house you was pretty much free to do what you want and i always thought he had it rough at work when he'd complain to me about his job. Alas school finished and work started, my boss is older than my dad and with no children it makes me wonder why i see him as more of a father figure. I realized that my boss IS judgmental however his judgement is mostly accurate. I started to see my dad more clearly, as anybody see's him and i have to admit, i don't like what i see. I soon came to realize that his problems at work were and are still because of him, he pretends to be the rebel when he's just pathetic. People at his work don't like him and it's easy to see why. The stories that my dad tells me make him out to be horrible like when he told me he gets invited out by work colleagues trying to get along and he tells them he'd sooner de-scale the kettle. Don't get me wrong, he's kind by giving me a ride to wherever but it's not enough to make up for the journey. We usually end up arguing or i end up not speaking to him because his last comment was that i'm stupid etc. He's always protected my older brother like when he didn't have a job for 2 years, he would say that i dont understand or that i'll see when i'm older, and i did. i saw that it wasn't that hard to get a job because i was working the day i left school. he's never said he's proud of me for keeping the job and he's never apologised for sticking up for my other brother or that he belittled me when it turns out i knew all along. Now that i'm 18, things are going from bad to worse with longer rides, more intense arguments and no sign of resolution. I am truly ready to move out, however i hope that he realises that i won't be speakingto him when i'm gone, and i hope it hurts him. Thank you for reading this and please comment and let me know if you think it's me or him who's the problem

sinferno sinferno
18-21, M
Feb 8, 2010