Enjoy What You Have... Yeah Right!!

Everybody who doesn't have a dad always says that they wish  they had a father who was in their life. Well, I say, enjoy the fact that you don't. Most of them are too busy being an *** hole to bother bother being a good dad. My mom and I used to have a bad relationship, but not anymore. A couple months before our bad relationship ended, He told my mom that the only reason I 'threw her under the bus' is because she was the only person that cares about me. Then, a couple weeks later,  my mom and I had a fight and I left for a while with my uncle. I told him I was leaving and I would probably be home by curfew. He said ok and I left. My uncle and I talked for longer than I had planned on and I didn't get home until ten minutes after my curfew. He starts going off on me, saying that I don't listen to anything that he or my mom say and I don't do anything I'm told to do. All the while, I'm thinking, 'How is that even possible when I do everything they tell me to do?". I never disobey my parents.  Being a child of violent strict parents, I naturally do out of fear. He made me feel like such a bad person, that I went to bed crying and scratched the skin off of my arm for the second  time. The first time was also because of him, but that's another story. BOTTOM LINE, FATHERS ARE DOUCHE BAGS FROM HELL!!!!!!

MsMcKinney94 MsMcKinney94
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1 Response Feb 11, 2010

True... SO TRUE man.