He Ruined My Family,

My Dad and I never really got on well. He's too angry and vicious, he would openly take out his frustrations with work on us. He expected to be treated like a King, with us doing all the chores, serving him, cooking for him, cleaning up after him, just because my Mum and sister and I are all female. He demands respect when he has done nothing to gain it, and often orders my mum to hit me and my sister.


Then about a year ago he had an affair. A very public one that really hurt my mum. He threatened to divorce her if she ever mentioned it to anyone, made his parents buy him a new house after he moved out. Laughed at my mum when she broke down in tears and asked him to come back. He announced that we had ruined his life and that it was mine and my sister's fault that he had the affair in the first place.


Then he came back, and mum welcomed him with open arms. Even though he openly admitted that the only reason he came back was because his girlfriend dumped him. We're always going to be his second choice.But now he's worse than ever, he screamed at me for several hours, saying that I was a ***** who'd ruined his entire day because I'd put off a chore for a couple hours because I was trying to do my A-level coursework. Now every time we argue he always threatens to walk out, reducing my mum to tears and making her side with him, accusing me of being selfish and spoilt. My sister's in uni now, so it's just me.


I feel so helpless, nothing I do or say ever seems right in his eyes, and I can't argue as I don't want to hurt Mum anymore than she already is. He and Mum often disappear for days and scream at me if I haven't cooked them dinner or cleaned something once they get back. Every time I see him, it's just because he wants to shout at me, I haven't had a proper conversation with him in months. I hate him, because he also took away what little respect I had for my mother, who I can now only view as a weak-willed pushover.


What do I do? Please help me, before I kill him.

RustedHatter RustedHatter
Feb 12, 2010