He's Just A Complete Jerk Off!!

I'm only 13. Many people tell me that im just resisting my parents like every-other teenager out there. Well no i don't resist my PARENTS i resist my PARENT my mom is nice and i would never resist her. My dad is a complete ***-hole though. Everything must be perfection or done his way.. If he doesn't like it i can't have it, use it, or have anything to do with it. He doesn't even like dogs.. and i love animals. He hates animals. So i cant have a dog. He hates my computer so i rarely get to be on it. He hates Paintball but i managed to let the ******* let me play. He emotionally abuses me and my mother. For example today he decide's it's a good idea to remind me that i need to do my Research paper EVEN though im going over to do it. He asks "how's that research paper going" I said fine.. he decided to yell at me and say GO OUTSIDE AND TAKE THE TRASH OUT. After i did that he asks why im not doing my paper. He then says HUSTLE. Like in baseball. I hate basball he loves it and always trys to make me go back to it. I need some comments to tell me what to do to cope with this ***-hole.  My mom would leave him if she had a better job. Basically my dad pulls in the 6 figure salary. My mom makes maybe 4-5 Figures.



He likes to **** me off a lot. He laughs when i make a points like Don't treat me like a child.

darkdonut darkdonut
13-15, M
Feb 15, 2010