I Hate Him..

I am 13 now, but I've always hated him since 4th grade. He puts me down and blames everything on me. He never cares and is always comparing me to someone else. He tells me I'm pathetic and makes me feel bad about myself and that I am worthless. Honestly, I get good grades, and I am one of the smartest kid in my grade. I have lots of friends and people trust me. I hate how his short-temper might be rubbing off on me. Lately, I felt like I have huge anger issues and I got them from my dad. He is a cold, heartless man who hates me but loves my sister. He get's mad at me for every little thing. Today, I over slept a little because I couldn't sleep yesterday, and my sister kept me up all night with her coughing. She has a cold. He gave me a "speech" on how I do nothing great in life and that my life is just plain pathetic. He started yelling and cussing at me and he kept saying how disappointed he was to have a daughter like me. My sister woke up a bit later then I have, and all she gets is a hug and a good morning. Not because she's sick, but because she's my dad's favorite. And then few minutes later, he asked if I had $5. I didn't since he basically takes all my money and so I said no. He get's really mad at me and starts yelling and cussing again. Then he goes to my mom and starts yelling at her saying she raised me wrong. Then he comes and starts hitting me. My mom had to stop him before he beat me to a pulp. I went upstairs after that, but I could hear my parents frightening. My dad was doing all the yelling and cussing ofcoarse. I don't understand why he hates me so much, but I never liked him to begin with. The only time he's ever told me he "loved" me was when he was drunk. I just wished I had a dad I could go to when I need someone to talk to. I really envy the kids that have a normal loving father. There are kids, however, are in much worse state then I am, and I should be grateful, but sometimes I just don't think it's very fair. My sister gets everything she wants just because she's younger. She doesn't do that well in school either, but will always be "daddy's little girl."

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well i feel for u and thats exactly how i feel but u should just try and ignore him and not him get to u cause if u do it will hurt even more