I Really Hate My Dad

i'm 13, and i really hate my dad. i don't really know why. he's not that bad, he never abuses me or such. but the thing is i don't think he ever do anything to my family, he works, so does my mom. but the one who always do everything is my mom, she pays for my school, gives me allowance, pay this, pay that, takes my report card, and everything. and him? when he's home he only sits and watch tv! my mom mom always come home late, she works hard. but the only reason he comes home late is just because sometimes he go to a somekind of bar with his friends. he always want to be respected, but i just can't respect him with his attitude. when he's angry, he said bad things about my mother, and i was like thinking "hello? look at yourself, you're much worse of a parent" . also, i found his other facebook account, and he talks dirty and pervy on there. i just hate him more. i really hate my dad.

lvmystrs lvmystrs
13-15, F
1 Response Feb 16, 2010

im 12 and i feel the same way. my dad only cares about my sister too.