I Wish He Would Die

This is the story of my relationship with my father. He is not one of those alcoholic, abusive fathers either. He is actually quite successful lawyer that cares a lot about his family. I'm sure the abusive type father would be a nightmare to live with, but from my personal experience, I have found that what society considers a somewhat normal father, can be a nightmare as well. He was an anxiety disorder which might come into play with his psycho ness too. Where do i begin? I started to hate him in middle school, because he was always finding little things he didn't like about my best friends and told me I could not hang out with them anymore. How could he do this to me? I hung out with my best friend Kristen EVERY day, and then told me he never wanted to see her again, because she was shy and did not greet him well enough in his home. So anyway, I stopped talking to him and turned rebellious. It has been years of me hardly talking to him and still living in the same home with him. I dread the sight of him, so i am hardly ever home. Even though i never see him and try to avoid him, he talks about me behind my back and says that "I will be trailer trash one day" because he thinks I don't try hard at anything, and my boyfriend works instead of going to college. This is truly unbelievable and heartbreaking considering I work hard to be an honor's student that has scholarships and has a B in calculus!!! He does not give my sister **** because she plays tennis in college and he loves sports. It is sooo strange that he thinks he can judge me without even talking me to me at all!! He really does not know the sweet, kindhearted person that I am. It is one of my daily missions to avoid contact with him and he still manages to ruin my day. The proof that he is wrong about me 1) the rest of my family likes me 2) He made me take a drug test, saying he was 100% sure I would fail, and guess what? I passed with no problem. 3) I am very smart and will work hard in college. The worse thing he has ever done to me was sending the police to my boyfriends house, telling them to break us up. The police even thought he was crazy. I have a mental case on my hands. How can I stop him from making life miserable living in my home? How can I get rid of all these hate emotions and be anger free? Feel free to make suggestions. =)

Annabanana1 Annabanana1
18-21, F
Feb 19, 2010