I Hate This Jackass

Where to start.. I just had a baby and my fiancee and I moved in with my parents to get some bills paid off where we can buy a house and make life better for our son.  But, GOD my dad is such a jerk!  He is gay and in the closet and takes out his unhappiness with his life out on us.  Now you might ask how I know my dad is gay if he is in the closet....the first part of this story happened when I first started dating my fiancee about 4.5 years ago.. my dad tried to rape my fiancee repeatedly.. I flipped out when I caught my dad trying to force himself on my man.. I mean.. what the hell do you do when a 60 year old man is trying to sleep with your 18 year old boyfriend?  We immediately left and I didn't speak to him at all for a few years.. I had to go to a psychiatrist for anti-depressants just to function.  On top of this he called me a liar and told my mom I was making up stories..

Now that we are living back with them, he is driving me crazy..

He gets mad at everything, he has to be right all the time.  If he isn't he gets mad and starts being pouty.  He is a diabetic and is constantly shoving sweets in his mouth while complaining about being fat.  He won't let me use the kitchen.. if I go in there to cook he comes in and makes me move.  Then everything he makes is fried and sugary, my fiancee hates it and barely eats anything.  He doesn't want you to clean so he can complain about he is the only one that cleans, when his idea of cleaning is throwing cold water on a plate and calling it washed...

He keeps looking up gay websites on my computer.. and he doesn't know how to delete the history.. I am scared to death of leaving him with my son (who is 3 months old)... he asks my fiancee for a hug and acts like he's 3 when my fiancee says hell no.. he is inappropriate with my fiancee, like calling him "baby" and "honey" and I almost hit him when he slapped my fiancee on the butt..  We are trying to deal with it for our son's sake.. but god.. i want to cry every day.. I can't tell my mom cause it would destroy her..

I know its my fault for moving back in and I don't know what I was thinking.... I just don't know what to do.. We can move out and struggle to make ends meet and all that jazz... but I think that is worse for my son.. but it's not good to see the tension either..  sorry about my grammer, I am sooo frustrated.

frustratedgrl frustratedgrl
26-30, F
Feb 20, 2010