I ******* Hate My ******* Dad

I hate my dad. I mean, I love him because hes my dad, BUT I HATE HIM. Does that make sense? He slaps me when hes pissed off at me, he doesnt do **** and instead he lies on the ******* couch all day and only cares about his ******* hair salon, and recently my little brother had a temper tantrum and smashed our house phone, and I DID NOT KNOW THE PHONE WAS OFF THE HOOK. My mom kept calling the house again and again and had a ******* nervous breakdown, but my dad didnt care, he was just ******* annoyed by her. When he came home he slaped me, and my mom got pissed off at him. We spent the night at my grandma's house. I ******* HATE HIM

shrimp12121212 shrimp12121212
22-25, M
Feb 21, 2010