My Dad Has Change To Something That I Dont Like

I hate my dad in the mornings. He is skreaming at me so mutch that his saliva is raining on me. I hate that he has become so oold and bitter. He never talks to me anymore. He doesnt like me. He has a very bad morning temper as I wrote and laso a bad evening temper. He skreams for no aperent  reson. He never wants to do stuff with me anymore as he used to when I was younger.He has become an old bitter ugly man and I miss my real dad as he used to be before.

Then he was more happy and talked to me and did stuff with me. Now he is just sitting on his *** and waches the tv or computer. Sometimes I want him to die. But I also love him sometimes because I remember who he was before he became like this.

I tries to talk to hom but it has no meanning because he just answer Yes or no and nothiing else. But with other he can talk and when he talks to other he lookes happy but not when he talks to me.

Thats some of the resons why I hate my dad.

mocka mocka
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 23, 2010

Have you ever told him you feel like he hates you?