Why I Hate My Father.

I did not start hating my dad overnight. It was more of a gradual, insidious process. Of course many of the things he has done or said in the near present have contributed, however when i look to the past there are moments that come up that didn't register me when i was younger. looking at the whole picture in a mature hopefully more objective matter I have come to the conclusion that my father really does not qualify as one.

My essay starts from the moment I was born. Prior to my birth my family relocated to another part of the country. I was born shortly after arriving. It was at that time that my father had to spend much of the time away from the family due to his job.  For some reason my father sent money sporadically. My mother would count on help from the neighbors and family back home. Apparently my mother and older siblings ate bear meat on occasion. During those troubled times my father was still able to afford a trip to Hawaii. About a year after I was born we moved back to our home town. My Mother took the trip by train with the kids my father flew. My early years are foggy of course. I remember my mother taking me to my hockey and swimming competitions, I don't remember ever being taken by my father. When I was 6and 7 years old i was hospitalized. My father never visited. At 6 years of age

my parents separated. After my parents separated we went on welfare. There were no dead beat dad laws yet. At  8 years of age . For approximately 6 months after my mother died my dad was responsible for us. He then handed us over to my maternal grand parents. I would like to point out that my grandparents disliked my father, therefore my dad never came to visit us if my grand parents were present. On the occasion my dad would make arrangements to pick up my brother and I he would not show up, he would never call in advance to tell us he was not coming. On the times he would show up we would end up waiting for him in the car as he was inside a hotel visiting with friends. my dad did alot of drinking and driving. On 1 occasion my dad showed up un announced he said he couldn't stay long just as he was leaving he threw a bunch of change on the floor in which my brother and I went nuts scooping it up. My sister was disgusted.

A couple of years later my dad took us back for a few months. During that time my brother and i stayed with an aunt and then a home ran by nuns. After school ended we went to live with my older teen age sister who had a young baby. M y sister was on welfare. Of course my dad didn't give her any money to help her out. End of part 1, I am 10 years old.

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i have perfect grades. always top 5 in the class of 80 complete AIEEE geniuses. either ways, i am treated as a liability, a waste. a dog would have been treated better.in college i am treated like a born genius by my friends and even by my teachers.My friends always ask my advice if in need of any. yet my father scolds me even for drinking water against his will. but i have learnt that it is the way he treats u that can be changed but it ur ability to understand wht a lame *** son of ***** he is.<br />
and for that i have come with a solution.<br />
<br />
1) V imp. NEVER CRACK A JOKE. Never smile infront of him. but dont look at him frowning.<br />
2) Only respond to what he says. <br />
3) Do not express ur opinion unless asked. and when asked be firm and tell him what u think. no uh.. or hmm.... And never answer by saying "i don't know". [NEVER]<br />
4) Avoid looking at him at all times. it helps by thinking "he is not a person but a ghost"<br />
5) Avoid staying within his presence. if he's in the hall . get out.<br />
6) If abused don't look at him.just nod and mind ur own business.<br />
7) try to avoid the usual abuses. by cleaning ur room. important point: he will look for several ways to find faults. and at these times. get out of his vicinity.<br />
<br />
5th point is the most important of all. And Trust me if these dont work nothing will. 17 years of experience..... ill know.

wow thats nuts man i thought my dad was a jerk guess there r worst dads out there