Dad, Why?

Hello People,

I'll just get to it. My Dad he is very controlling. I am not very good at maths a and my handwriting is to good but he criticizes me at everything I do wrong. I have exams soon. He made revise 3.5 months before everyday for at least 1.5 hours. He says may handwriting is dreadful all the time, but he should look at his, it looks like Arabic. He push me meanwhile they sheds all the Glory on my older brother all because he amazing at tennis and leaves me at home alone for several hours. One time both my parents forgot about a concert at my school because I play the clarinet on the orchestra and hey forgot. No tickets nothing. He never said sorry, as a matter of fact he has never said sorry to me. He really annoys me!!!


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1 Response Mar 7, 2010

hey..<br />
I gotta controlling dad as well.. :(<br />
i guez he was bad at studies n as u told he had a bad handwriting, may b he was punished 4 dat..<br />
hez jus doin d same 4 u..<br />
may b he just wants u2 b good at it unlike him..i guez he wants u2 b d best of all..<br />
so hez making u work..i think he thinks ul learn by punishing u or something..<br />
my advice 2 u s dont think too much abt him.. u do ur best.. n nevr expect sorry frm him!<br />
dey got ego prob! sad but truth!