I am 29 years old and due to financial constraints, find myself living in the family home again. For almost 30 years, I have not opened my mouth toward my father. And I cannot keep quiet anymore.

He's obese, but calls me fat. I'm pregnant and he has not shown one inch of interest. He's addicted to ***********, prostitutes and as a schoolteacher, he had a relationship with a 16-year old student. And we've all kept quiet. Always scared of him. What the **** is there to be scared about? He's 50 years old, fat, a high school teacher with so many secrets that can destroy his life, but we all jump to keep him happy.

I cannot do it anymore. He doesn't greet me when he sees me, he never asks me how my day was. He has a temper from hell. Getting my mom to divorce him is like pulling teeth from a chicken.

Words cannot describe the intense hate I feel for this man. He has created a family where each one is only out to protect themselves, without a care for anyone else. My mother is on anti-depressants, my brother is on medication for bipolar disorder and I suffer from depression and anxiety. And it is his fault.

I fantasise about his death. I'll be dancing on his grave (after I've taken a **** on it).


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1 Response Mar 16, 2010

if it is possible, stay away from him. for the sake of the baby. <br />
deal with him again later. <br />
but for now just think about positive things. <br />
<br />
i hate my dad..very much. although there were times when i just watched him hurt me and my mom, i never allowed him to cause any pain to my son. so as i was waiting for my little boy's arrival, i made sure that he was not anywhere near. see i had to avoid getting mad or getting depressed or any negative emotion for the sake of my son