My Dad Raped Me

I'm 18 now and it finally stopped... but he was raping me for 4 years (from the time I was 12 and my boobs started to grow till I was 16 and found the courage to tell him to stop)... I told my (now ex) boyfriend but he acted like he didn't believe me... after that I never told anyone else... and I just had to... so here I am... my parents are finally getting divorced but not because of that cause my mum doesn't know... and I'm kinda sad... I don't know why... but I am... I never forgave him... but he is still my dad... so I don't know if it ok for me to hate him... :(

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for me one of the hardest things is reading a story like yours,You see i was molested as a young child i was 10 when it started 16 before i got away. Now im 47 and i still struggle with it every day. sometimes i feel suicidal, sometimes depressed sometimes just scared and alone. the worst part is when i was 29 i abused my step-daughter, i knew the pain and heartache it caused and still something inside me let me do it. thank god i had enough since to move out the next day. i was scared it wuld continue or progress it is my biggest regret in life. i got 20 yrs in prison i did 16 of them. something has to stop the cycle. secrets arent always good tell , talk about it and remember the important thing is how you feel about you. GOOD LUCK GOD BLESS


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I understand that you want to be the bigger person in this, but you need to consider what the above comments have said, this is you letting him get away, and because of this, he will not feel the gravity of what he has done to you. He needs to feel that, so he would not do it again (hopefully out of guilt not from fear of the law)....<br />
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This goes to the writer of the story too...<br />
Yes you need to tell your need to let your mum help you with exposing him and bringing him to justice, you can't do this alone. Paedophiles like him will not just do it once and be done with it, their sexual desires are opressed and frowned upon by society so it is all the more aggressive in nature, so yes they will definitey act out again if you don't bring him to justice...especially when children are so easily need to understand that he is a predator and he enjoys preying on the weak, it WILL NOT stop with you.

You need to tell your mom.

your dad doesn't care about u mybe that is why he did it

I don't believe I read this last bit from you. The above lady is after educating you about the dangers of these child abusing criminals. I was sexually abused by my father for a decade and he has spent several years in jail. You will be guilty for the rest of your life if this man abuses another person. By you not stepping forward doing the appropriate thing at this moment and time can no doubt put another person at risk. I heard rumours that my own father abused his own sisters when he was young and now they live with guilt I would never call them aunts because they could have protected me from the abuse if they spoke out earlier. So do yourself and your neighbours and all children a favour step forward and speak from the heart. This story doesnt' have to be on the news if you don't want to. A survivor has the right in court for privacy. The sexual abuse is not only the damage we suffer but the low self-esteem after and it takes a while to recover but I guarantee you will feel alot stronger.

I was at my grandparents home for a I saw your comments now...than you for the support and help...but I don't think I'm going to file a police parents are getting divorced and I'm gonna stay with my mum so I won't see my dad anymore...I live in a country where he could get 2 to 3 years in prison or even less...but it would be all over the news because he is quite popular here and his life would be destroyed...he destroyed a part of my life and I am trying to get over it and go on with my life...and I don't want to do that to him...if he decides to get married again and have kids am going to file a police report to prevent him to doing that to someone else...but if he keeps living alone or with a wife and no kids I'm gonna let him live and never see him again...