Always Have Hated My Dad.

My whole life I have never felt a connection with my dad. He was never there for me as a father,he never taught me anything other than to be bitter and spiteful. My dad was always a little on the crazy side, he was a heavy drinker and drug taker so he always scared me as a kid. Now that he is older and in bad health he envies my youth and health wishing he could go back to being young to party it up. Im no longer afraid of my dad I simply hate him,I dont hate any one else on the earth but I truely hate my father. There are many times I have to hold myself back from losing my temper and going crazy on my dad,I am just scared of what I would do to him with all that built up anger. It makes me that he can even still bother me,I am 20x the person he could have ever hoped to be so I shouldnt even let him get to me.....

DFury DFury
18-21, M
Apr 2, 2010