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I grew up noy knowing my dad. My grandpaents raised me and i never really cared to have a i thought.  Glenn Smith(mydad) denied me my whole life.   He said he could only have boys.  My family bever went foward to child support i dont know why...but that didnt stop me from writing him letters.or drivinig by his house hoping to maybe catch a glimpse at him. I was 23 and finally gave up. Years of unanswered letters and rumors of him having a new family put my dreams to a hault. Until one day I walked into a car dealership looking for a car for my boyfriend and the damn manager was my dad!!! He knew exactly who i was. It was a dream come true meeting. He didnt turn me away he embraced me and was so happy.  I looked just like was freaky. I thought my family was telling me lies about him all these years...this guy was great. He was married to a women 16 years younger and had four young children. For the first month he was great, kinda over whelming. Buying me things calling me 7 times a day i loved it.. I had a dad. Then he stopped calling..Wouldnt answer my calls, then changed his number. His wif was jeloues. she was only 5 years older than me so i can understand but what a blow. I shouldnt be upset i mean i have lived without him for 23 years but god i feel such a void. I finally had a dad, it was like an instant love for him now he;s gone....again. I 'm not one to show my feelings but i'm having a hard time with this. It was tease of a "normal life". It hurts he's being a dad for his other kids and loving them and i'm left sitting here left out like i dont even exist. I was nothing to him

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You're dad's wife sounds very nasty. She didn't need to be jealous because his your dad. If i were you i would try and find him again and then explain to the nasty wife that he is your dad and you have the birth certifivate to prove it. That's what i did!!!!! Good luck!!!!

Sorry to hear that your dad had to choose between his jealous wife and you. I guess he took the easy way out to appease her. At least you now know that he is a good guy.