I moved rooms in my house. From my old room next to my sisters to my very old room that me and my sister used to share..  In that room I found a shotgun on my top bunk. One day me and my friend were hanging out on a Saturday morning. We woke up early cause i thought i heard my dads voice. I never get to see him so the sound of his voice instantly woke me up. I wake up only to find that he isn't really there. When I looked outside he was infact there. But his girlfriend which I hate was their also. So to frighten her I grabbed the gun off my top bunk. It wasn't loaded. If i loaded it, it only would have gotten me in trouble cuz i would have shot her *** right there on the spot. That is how much i hate her. As i walked acrossed the driveway into my second yard by the dumpster where she was standing. Talking to my dad while he was cutting wood. I already told her to stay off my property cuz she is ugly and i don't like her. And if she was to come onto my property again i would injure her. When she seen me carrying a gun she jumped behind my dad. Ha as if i would have shot her when there was a chance of hitting something else.. "W-w-what are you gonna shoot with the gun?" came from her trembling lips. "whatever ****** me off first i guess." i remarked.. My grandma was standing outside too, and she took the gun from me, knowing i would have shot her with it had it had bullets.. After my dog attacked my grandma because he hates sticks she went inside. I followed her.. When we both got inside she said "You dummy, it aint got no ammo.."

"I know, but i could have still pistol whipped her with it." i replied. Then my dad walked away with her. into my barn. But his truck was sitting there with the keys in it. I took his keys so he couldn't leave without saying bye to me which when with her he always does. Then I went inside to get my friend. We were extremely bored doing nothing. So we went back outside. And followed my dads path to the barn. Where i found my dad fixing a miniature dirt bike 4 his girlfriends son that he spends more time with then he does his own kids. This pissed me off, cause none of us ever got things like dirt bike and stuff. And this one was obviously new. My dad got it running and rode it down the hill, where i followed him, and remarked ":Wheres mine?"

Of course his reply was a lie, " I didn't buy it", although he was fixing it.. and i still didn't get one. the my dad took the chain off so he could get a new one cuz this one was rusty. then he walked to his truck. I ran in front of him and jumped in. His girlfriend went to the other side and opened the door. and  just stood there like an idiot. So I started the truck and backed up so the door would knock her down but she ran away.. and yelled for my dad. Then i told my dad that i wasn't getting out 'til i got to drive his truck. So i drove it around the yard and into the 1st driveway closest to my house.

Making sure to spin rocks at his girlfriend.. If only, if only one would have knocked her *** out cuz i hate that *****.. [

LAter that day after my father left i went and keyed the mini dirt bike and knocked it over. and popped the tire..

potmonkey101 potmonkey101
13-15, F
Feb 14, 2010