I hate my dad's girlfriend and her daughter,they're so mean to me and they are trying to come between me and my dad.what should I do???
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Talk to your father. Express how you want him to be happy, but his current girlfriend is treating you terribly. He should be able to understand that his own daughter is worth more than his girlfriend.

I did that many times,but he thinks she is perfect and she is nice.she is good with me when my dad is around and that's how my dad thinks she is when he is not around.

Then make him choose. Either its his own flesh and blood that will always love him and take care of him because she is his own daughter! Or its some ***** who is disrespecting his daughter... I hope things get better for you.

Thanks ;)

Let me guess, she's a total two-face? Acts like the disney princess when dad's around, but goes into ***** mode when it's just the two of you?

Sooo true :(

Then what I would do is strategically place a web cam somewhere in the house (or just have your phone handy.) When dad's gone turn on the camera, and show him her true colours when he gets home. Worst case scenario, she'll adjust her attitude in fear of you recording evil step mother ;)

I really don't know how should I show her real face to my dad!!!!

If he's planning on spending the rest of his life with the woman, HELL YES! Better to show him now than have him realize he's made a horrible mistake down the road. Sooner or later the façade will fade, and she will make him miserable.

Good idea,thanks :)

No worries. If you ever need advice, feel free to msg me

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