Be Careful Who You Marry!

Hi EVERYBODY!  I am glad to find that I am not alone!  First of all I would like to say that I have 3 children, two daughters and 1 son>  I adore my children!  I have been a single parent to all of my children and I have had some hard times but I have enjoyed every minute of it!  All of my children are married.  My girls marriages are tolerable, at least it did not alientate them from their family and friends!  My son is a entertainer/artist.  Before he married he was sweet loving and kind, then he married and all hell broke loose!  He used to always tell my he loved me and even wrote a song devoted to me and it even was played by our local radio station.  My son had always had lots of friends and enjoyed being around his family and friend until he married his present wife.  Everything was fine while he was dating her but after the marriage everything went downhill!!!  First of all I did not know he was engaged or getting married until about two days before the Big day!  My son called me two days before the wedding and informed me that they were getting married (out of town) and asked me did I want to come.  I was so shocked at the late notice, but I decided to go anyway.  He informed my that his girlfriend's father would be paying for my airplane ticket to attend.  So i busily got ready, hair done, nails done and packed my suitcase for the trip, then he called back and said that her father could not afford the plane ticket at the last minute!  No one in our entire family attended his wedding, not even his sisters, aunts and I mean NO ONE!  The only people present for the wedding was her FAMILY and his manager!  I could not believe this and I had not even heard of this happening in my entire life and I am 53 hours old!  The second surprise was when he called me and told me about a year and a half later that she was about to go in labor and I did not even know that she was pregnant!  Since he has married her he has cut off his entire family and alienated him from all of his old friends and only wants him to be around her family!  This has made me so heartbroken, that i think that has affected my health (ulcers and depression)!  I never get to see the grandbaby except through pictures.  I have prayed to god about this matter and things are getting better, but I do know this, KARMA IS A MOTHER... AND WHAT YOU DO TO OTHER PEOPLE WILL COME BACK TO HAUNT YOU!  This women is in for the shock of her life, just like she hurt me and his family and friends and pushed him away from us, someone will take him away from her!  If there is any such thing as the DEVIL, I think I have finally met her and I want her out of my life!
billiejean2010 billiejean2010
Oct 26, 2010