These Are Lies And I Would Like You To Stop !

Whoever posted the story using the names of LLoyd and Joan Dashnaw - maybe you thought it was a joke (poor taste) or maybe you thought it was vicious toward me. I would really ask that, out of respect for my family, especially my husband, Chris, that you stop or retract this nonsense at once!
We are in the process of greiving and whoever you are, whatever you're intent....please put your energy into something positive. As for those reading this stuff....Do not believe everything you read on the internet -there is no proof to these lies - and, as  Heidi wrote, Lloyd does not even use a computer - that is how ridiculous this is!! Please allow this family the respect of greiving privately at this time without this made-up maliciousness.
Elizabeth Dashnaw (the real Elizabeth Dashnaw)
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Dec 22, 2010