It's my daughter in law. I don't know why she doesn't like me but she doesn't. I tried to be a friend to her but she is not going to have it. My husband died 8 1/2 yrs ago and I have 2 adult children my son and a daughter. I tried to do every thing for my kids even gave up my inheritance to them so they could get a house. I went to helpat there home and rudely throne out. I call to go to there home never just stop in. My son is really sick of the way she is. He's 2 yrs younger then her and she says he's inmature but it's not true. She srceams, yells and crys. Now they have a son and everything is hitting the fan. My son says he's going to talk to her mother. She only wants her family and my son is sick of it. I'm staying out of the whole thing. It just hurts me that she hates me. Oh well because my son is not going to have it. He is strong when he has to be. He believes in family all the way around not one sided.
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My heart goes out to you

It sounds like you've stepped on some toes. Perhaps you could suggest counseling with the three of you to try and build a better relationship? You're right to stay out of their marriage though. Good luck.

sounds tuff but try to keep focused on your relationship with the grandchild and not her...sounds like she is a lost cause for now