Is She Stupid Or Mentally Ill?

My daughter-in-law has no sense of humor. She also does not understand anything you might be talking about. If you agree with her she says you are criticizing her if she has just said something negative. She gossips constantly. She is always offended by other people no matter what the situation is. I have decided to stop talking to her. She once told my son I hated her and had said so so add liar to this delightful mix. She has a you ng baby who mocks her constantly because I guess the baby senses she is "off".
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4 Responses May 7, 2012

I agree with you the other comments are from daughter-in-laws. If you sense something go with it.

She must do something right...your dear son married her.<br />
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And, as for the baby mocking her - that seems to be a sincere form of flattery?

Sounds like you are the one with the problem not her. Looks like you are having a control issue and cannot let go of your son so you are trying to find anything wrong with your DIL so you can speak badly of her and make yourself feel better.

What a mystery - You say your dil has no sense of humor, not very bright, is very negative, gossips all the time, takes offense easily and is a liar. Why is she a liar because she told her DH that you hated her. And, you think a baby is smart enough to sense that she is "off" as in mentally unstable - so lets add crazy to the list.<br />
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Okay and where did she lie about you hating her?<br />
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You don't have to hear words to know that someone doesn't like you and this lady was clearly not so "off" that she didn't figure that out from your actions.<br />
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Sounds like someone is lying to themselves!<br />
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And, why would this woman find any humor in being around someone who thinks so badly of her? I wouldn't find that amusing at all.