Dumb Irish Women

No matter what I do cooking. shopping. running her errands buys her kids cloths , It does matter she is unappreciated. user thick head ***** that is dumb as the day is long. She is never wrong, never She will never say she is sorry because she is never wrong my son works two jobs and she doesn't appreciated him either She is selfish, self centered and out for herself I feel bad for my son they fight all the time . I know him he won't leave her because of the six kids. and she is so lazy a bad housekeeper doesn't cook and blames my son for everything well I'M 64YRS old too old for this shut I have to walk away but I love my grandchildren. Help
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Also, why have you gotta hate on the Irish??

They have six kids together, some things are working right. You must understand that many kids causes stress all day long. She may be acting out from stress and lack of housekeeping skills. Have you offered to help her clean her house? Buy her a new sweeper for Christmas? Teach some of those children how to clean and take the pressure off her. It sounds like her and him need to get away and rekindle their passion for one another, use protection this time. The children probably are troubled by all the fighting and argueing that goes on. Do you take the kids to your house and take care of them any, or just visit and ***** about the DIL? Pretend you love her like you love your sun, fake it till you make it, and maybe you can figure out a way to make it better for everyone. If not then let you son move back home with you and find some peace.

If someone treats you like a doormat - then stop being their doormat. I'm sorry that you are not appreciated and treated so badly but you have a couple of choices to make. First, when you buy things for your grandkids - I'm guessing it makes you feel good and you want to do it for them. I would recommend that you keep doing it. I have always bought for my niece and nephew from my brother's wife. She never had them send a thank you - she never sends pictures nothing. But I kept doing it until my mom was dying and we asked her to let the kids phone so my mom could talk to them. Her response was "I'll try to soon." My mom died before her soon happened. I figured that I needed to stop and distance myself at that point. <br />
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If you cook and they don't like it or don't thank you for it then stop. Don't run their errands - nothing. But, like one person said - stay out of their marriage and their family issues. It isn't your business if your son works two jobs. It isn't your business if she doesn't clean or cook and if they argue a lot. It just isn't and to make it your business is asking for them to shut you completely out of their lives and their children's lives.<br />
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How they live is their choice and how you live is yours. Respect that and I'll bet things will get better. If you love your grandchildren - then don't walk away. You are old enough to know how short life is. Remember also, your kids (dil and son) haven't lived and seen as much as you - cut them some slack and forgive their innocence.

If they have six kids he likely needs 2 jobs. She probably wouldn't earn enough to pay for childcare if she was working. Being stuck home with six kids doesn't exactly make one very chipper.She can probably tell you don't like her, it's pretty obvious.

All I can write, is be there for your son and grandchildren.<br />
Ignore her..be polite, but stay out of it. <br />
As I have learned.