My Mother In Law An My Husband Girl Friend

where to start ..every since i been marry to my husband his mother came into war with me she even told her son to pick between us an i had to accept him with a women she wanted for him,, but i became bitter an angery an i more mess came alone she even put they picture up on fb to hurt me. but its didn stop their .. he wont even see his child . but to all the evil have faith in god that he can change things.. no im still isnt with my husband an right now today he with her an other women.. an rachel pembleton the girlfriend did every things that she thought can brake me down all because she wanted him.. see god didnt blessed her with him an the same thing i went threw with him she going threw,,, meaning learn how to live threw the pain.. an for my husband joseph mcgary i will let god deal with him an all his attack..pray
mrsmcgary mrsmcgary
2 Responses Nov 29, 2012

Look at your own dont control others...put yourself in their shoes it really is that easy...respect and kindness....

seriously ,get rid of that guy