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well she's mad at me again and for what, I don't know, we just started talking again, it had been two years, i did not get to see my son or granddaughter's. i feel mad at my son for not having the guts to come and see me, we live 5 miles from each other. then i think of how miserable his life would be, I'm leaving, I'll take the girls and you will never see them. my son has visited me, the phone starts ringing the moment he steps in, i hear her screaming and cursing. i buy for them i give her beautiful items, i had a craft business, she never thanks me, her parents have spoiled so bad, its sickening, i mean sick, drama queen, she never could change her own baby's diaper because it makes her nauseaded, I'm like oh cm-on. she cut her finger one time on a glass doing dishes, nothing major, ran out to the middle of the street screaming called 911. she calls me in the middle of the night whispering, someone is stalking me, the first time, i was scared, then i realized, you are nutz.i love my son, but i am not in love she is jealous of me, his mom, WHY???

ilovepennymybunny ilovepennymybunny
Jun 2, 2009