My Son Always Picks Chicks That Can't Take Care Of Themselves

My daughter in law hates me and avoids me b/c we read her from the start she just want's someone to take care of her and her kids, she would love to se my grandchild left out in the cold.  She has accused me of being a bad mom and not loving my kids, but it is me that see's that he eats daily and has clean clothes to wear we even furnish them a house to live in the only bills is utilities lights water phone cable and food, for this we are thanked by her trailor trash attitude. My son works hard daily she thinks she is the prima donna and does nothing not even take care of her own children, he brings home the bacon and cooks it up also, so to speak.  She tried her darndest to make it where I could not see my grandchild, my child was married before, but that did not fly at all, at that point she got to see my temper and my child decided not to hurt his parents that way. We still are there for our child when he needs a place to stay b/c she is abusive not just to her kids but to my kid he stays at moms. As my daughter stated I have the DIL from hell and it is most unfortunate for her b/c I can only take so much before my MOM OCD kicks in.. LOL  Maybe when he gets his next wife she will be able to take care of herself and him just a little.

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1 Response Mar 5, 2010

What happend that caused your son to be such a door mat? I certainly hope he learns to stand up for himself soon, before his children learn the wrong lesson.