A Bad Daughter-in-law

I am at my wits end with my daughter-in-law and my son.  They are both drug addicts and are always trying to be" recovering addicts".  They just never seem to make it past the first stage.  She is an "enabler".  She allows my son to drive her car everywhere even though he doesn't have a license. She always furnishes him with money to buy drugs and then resell them. It's really funny because they never make money because their to busy using the drugs. He is supposed to be in a drug treatment plan but never stays past a week. And when he is in treatment, she takes drugs to him!!!  In a week or so, my son is being sentenced to "TASC".  He has to do inpatient drug treatment.  And if there's anyway she can be kept from seeing him, I'll make sure she doesn't.  I've already told his attorney what has been going on and they're going to try and get him sentenced sooner.  I talked to his caseworker at TASC.I'm just about to ring her ugly little neck.  This is her 5th. marriage. Does that tell you anything? I have lots more to say about her, but don't have enough time tonight.

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Good luck with that. Unfortunately because he's married to her, there's not a lot they can do from your requests. Although there's always a chance! I hope you get it! <br />
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I feel your pain.