You Can Not Hurt Me Anymore!!

A fatal error has occured with my daughter dearest (aka. supermom) and I. She informed me that after raising her daughter for the last six years plus... uh, I don't give HER daughter any guidence. Mmmmm. three relapses, three bone head boyfriends later and granted Guardianship... I am shocked, hurt rather. WOW, youth is an understatement!!! No respect, no responsibility, no financial support and NO thanks damnit. I am done. I will not let that girl hurt me anymore... punto finale. To bad she still thinks its about her at age 27. Thank you for letting me share.
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The way your child turns out is a huge reflection of yourself. Instead picking at your daughter and making it seem like she is always in the the wrong, look at your own faults and look what you could've have done to contribute to her behavior...

Did you say mean things to her before and didn't apologize?
Did you lead by example? If you say you hate your child and she hates you then...
Were you in her life enough?
Did you give her enough attention when she was younger? Did you give too much?
Were you too strict? Not strict enough? If you don't give appropriate punishments to certain behaviors most likely, they will get worse
If your child does something and you do it too (they might have taken it to another level) you paved the way.
If you ended up hating her, did you ever even love her?
If so, What was this "love" based on? Her making you happy?

Who were you as a parent? Kids don't just turn out horrible out of nowhere. You should love your children no matter what and be the person you want them to be. You should start at a young age having a relationship with your child so even when you argue they'll always come back.

shes got her nerve.,just over look her shes a ............................

Give her a gift certificate to get her tubes tied next time you have a Christmas exchange or birthday party and need to give her something.

Where can I get one of those, I have been praying to God every day since my daughter was 11 not to let her have any children. So far at 34 without any I think he or she has listened if my kids mouth is open she is telling a lie you cannot trust anything that comes out of it.

Plant some trees. Restore humanity.