My Daughers Boyfriend Is A Theif And A Loser

My daughters boyfriend is a herion addict.  He's stolen all my jewlery, my boyfriends jewlery, money, my 13 yr old son's video games.  She was an A student in excellerated classes when he met her 3 years ago.  Today, she's quit school, and is a recovering herion addict just like him.  She disrespectful and bitter towards me.  The boyfriend is her number one priority. 

This boy has cheated on my daughter 14 times in 3 years.  She takes him back every time, saying "he's changed"...I just don't get it.  He's verbally, emotionally and physically abusive, and my daughter takes all his crap and still loves him. 

I just don't get what she's thinking....I'm discusted and depressed.  I can't let go of all that was good in my daughter.  She had so much potential and she's thrown away her self esteem and respect of her peers and family....its' sad.  Sooo sad.
ninny84 ninny84
Jul 11, 2010