Why Is She With Him

My daughter is 23yrs old and has been with this psychopath boyfriend for 6yrs.  He is such a liar and manlipulator.  he has been lying since she meet him.  He is that dangerous guy that pretends to be someone else.  He can into her life acting like he was so respectful and convincing her that he was the only one that take her where she wanted to go in life.  He has used Psychological Manipulation on her and she is lost somewhere.  He was arrested, pleaded guilty and was convicted of indesent explosure and her that the you girls that reported his license tag number and picked him out of the line up, were lying and she believed him.  This dude was driving around town half naked looking for young girls walking down the street and driving up to them exposing himself.  He is now a registered sex offender.  He is a psychopath!  Then he gets mad at her and decides to write on a social network site everything they have ever done, he tells al her friends anything he can  that will hurt her.  Still she stays with him.  This is only some of the things he has done.  There are so many more horrible things.   She is now PREGNANT with his child.  This makes me sick to my stomach!! It is the craziest thing.  Why would a young girl want to be with a person like this guy?   I can only pray.

lethergo lethergo
Jul 20, 2010