Can't Stand My Daughter's Boyfriend

My daughter's bf is an idiot--everyone sees it but her--The worst part is that they have a beautiful 15 month old son which is my grandson who I adore
My daughter is 21 and they have their own place--we used to be close until she met him----we don't like each other at all and top it off he won't allow me to see my grandson==the only time my daughter calls me is when she needs something--or she will call me when he is'nt home--she lost all of her friends because of him--this is tearing me up inside---they just came back from the shore and never even told me she was home--never even told me how the baby's first time seeing the ocean was---everyone is telling me just not to call her just leave her alone---that is easier said then done----she was my life --his parents bought them a house--so its ok for them to stop over anytime they want --I have to make an appt to see my own grandson---she is soo blinded by him--she is tring to go to school and he works at a thrift store( a big future for him) he is just a total loser my family sees it and her friends see it but how do i get her to see it---I just really miss my grandson--I am at the point where I don't care if I see her anymore bc she treats me like crap--I just would like to spend time with the baby---I really wish things would change
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1 Response Jul 25, 2010

Lady it was your daughter that married this dork not youA<br />
All mothers despair that the choice is not good have to move along if you try and accept that it is HER life and let her lead it her way then they maybe will give you more access to their kid/s.<br />
I bet your mother did`nt approve of your choice of dork.