My Daughters Boy Friend Hates Me

My daughter and I are super close, about 2 years ago she started dating this boy.  I really didnt know him veery well cause he was kinda the quiet type. Well the relationship went on and over time I thought he was apretty good guy I still felt he was kinda stand off ish but I just thought he was shy!  Then she moved to out of town to go to college and they got a apartment together!  I still thought good things cause her living away from us but with a boy made me feel more secure!!  well anyway he started kinda saying things to her like your mom and dad are bad parents and they dont care about you or us !  cause they dont do anough for us !  Like give them money to spend and pay all there bills.  Me and her dad try very hard to do everything we can to support them.  But he and his mom go on this over seas trip that was very costly and when they get back I guess he thought that we would pay all the bill while he was gone so they get into this big agrument and he  starts going off on us when she responded to this and stated that if him and his mom could afford a trip like that then why cant she help with the bills?  he comes back with this crazy answer " she put it on a credit card we cant afford it either"  but still says that we are the irrsponsible parents and my daughter listen to this crap and then tell me about it cause she upset and needs someone to talk to !  I felt so mad, sad,hurt ,and ect.  all in one !!! I wanted to just go the F off but I didnt I dont know how I am suppose to react to this and next weekend she and he are suppose to come and stay the week end !!!  I guess I will just act like nothing happened !  But I really think that if he could talk to her this way about her family then he really doesnt love her or respect her and I dont think she realizes that this could be the early warning signs to get out of the relationship!!!
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1 Response Apr 17, 2011

These rotten guys are controlling, let's get rid of the parents 19 year old daughter is with a nightmare and cannot see him for what he really is, I am so afraid he is going to work on her and get her to hate us next., well, I think she already 1/2 "kind of hates me" already, we were always so close, I love her soooo much, I go to sleep crying, I have banned this fool from my house, I can't stand the sight of him but maybe I should, it drives you crazy, but if I see him I'm afraid of what I might do, especially if he "grins" at me and I'm, not kidding.