Daughter`s Boyfriend Is A Loser.....

My daughter is 14 years of age and she started hanging out with this boy who she met and they gradually became an item. My husband and I have never really liked him that much as he comes across as a bit of a drip. Just recently he put his ex girlfriend first and took her and some other mates to the fair knowing full well my daughter wanted to go but not taking her in the end because he said he had exam revision and no money to go with. He also deleted her briefly off his blackberry messenger and kept putting statuses about how much he had enjoyed his time out with his ex girlfriend and that it had gone so quickly. I was upset with him so I told him. He gave me a load of verbal back saying if my daughter treats him better then he will treat her better. I asked him what he meant by that but he didn't have anything to say to it. My daughter is the sort of girl that if she is in a relationship with a boy she will give her all. She has bought him really expensive presents, paid for him to go places when he hasn't had any money and been silly like that. She will always put him first over even her family and other friends and yet he has shown lately that he won't do this for her. My daughter so wants him to put her first and is getting increasingly upset by the relationship. The thing is she is in love with him she says and is blinded by this. When he comes to our house we cook him meals and have taken him out to restaurants and days out but we never get a thanks for it! His family hardly ever feed my daughter and she often will come home completely starving and they have not taken her anywhere for days out etc. We feel we try too hard. He said to me last night my daughter begs him for sex and that she lost her virginity at 11. How dare he say that to me. My daughter did not loose her virginity at 11 and last year a boy forced himself on her and we had to get the police involved. She has had a lot of loser boyfriends over the last year and we just think this one is no better. Just didn't get any sleep last night because I was so angry with him and what he had said about my daughter. I don't want him round our house anymore after this but my daughter wants to be with him as she loves him she says. My daughter also says that I should not get involved but she is 14 and I won't have her treated like crap by any lad. I am very protective of her and this maybe to do with my upbringing as my parents were very distant and cold towards me. What do others think of this situation?
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May 23, 2012